Why the Most Successful Millennials Change Careers Often

Millennials are a group often criticized for their laziness, moodiness, and lack of commitment. Just take a look at any major commentary blog or website. Odds are you will find Generation X slamming the youngsters for their lack of drive.

I’m a millennial born in ’93. I’ve just entered my mid-twenties and I’ve held a total of nine jobs at nine different companies. That’s about 1 job per year since I entered the work force at 16. I’m not saying I’m super successful or the “most successful” as this article title suggests but I’ve done okay for myself. I’ve managed to get a raise every time I’ve switched careers. I was able to afford an apartment and pay all my bills on time. By all accounts I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Working my way up in the corporate world.

I was successful.

I never thought of myself as someone who was bound to 9 to 5 life. But I felt that I was just paying my dues in my role as a marketing manager and soon enough I would be able to become a director of marketing at some awesome company and set my own hours. It was only after I had been a marketing manager for over a year that I found that I was working to provide someone else’s dream.

You can either work hard to fulfill someone else’s dream and make them successful. Or you can start your own business and start fulfilling your own dream.

All my extra hours in the office didn’t get me any more money, it didn’t get me closer to a big bonus at the end of the year, and I wasn’t able to set my own hours. Why was I there? I was there because I thought I had to be to become successful. To become successful I thought I had to put up with this part in order to achieve my dream.

The ability to make the kind of money I wanted was hindered by my career.

The problem is that I was following old advice. Advice from people that, when they were younger, that’s how they were able to support their families. I quickly realized that the salary at my job wouldn’t be enough to raise a family and have kids like I wanted in the future. So I looked for ways to supplement my income. Any ways that would make me a couple extra hundred in a month. I wrote about this more in my first article about BoodleBuzz. 

I started to realize that the only way to break away from the 9 to 5 life was to find ways to make money online. This would give me the freedom to make as much money as I needed without the limitations of a regular job.

I found out that a lot of other people in my age group are thinking the same way. Starting your own online business is an easy way to give yourself freedom to explore different interests and make even more money than the traditional route.

The old way is flawed.

Everyone giving me advice was running on old principles. Principles where staying at the same job for your whole career was beneficial and the only real way to buy a house and raise a family. This doesn’t work anymore. It’s not that us millennials don’t have drive, it’s that we are having to find new ways to live the American Dream. Does wanting to have financial freedom make us entitled? No. We don’t want things handed to us and frankly we shouldn’t complain about our situation. The economy is crap but that’s our obstacles that we have to go through. Just like other generations had different obstacles with The Great Depression, WW2, or other things. (I’m in no way implying that we have it just as bad as those generations.)

I agree that millennials need to stop complaining and focus their energy on finding new ways to make a living. That’s why I truly believe that we should start looking at online methods.

My point is that changing careers is not going to ruin your career. It shouldn’t be seen as laziness or entitlement either.

So if you find yourself changing jobs often you’re that much closer to finding the thing that’s going to work for you. It’s okay to change your mind every year, month, or even every day. You can still be successful if you don’t know what your thing is yet.

“Nothing will ruin your twenties more like thinking you should have your life sorted already.”


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