What is BoodleBuzz?

Hi all, my name is Miranda Kirk. I’m the creator of BoodleBuzz and I’d like to welcome you to the new site.

How BoodleBuzz Started

I started BoodleBuzz about two months ago with no real vision of what I wanted it to become. I’ve spent the past two months throwing different ideas around to family and friends about what I should be doing with it.

I tried everything. With my background in marketing and content creation I tried making a media site where I would share news, funny memes, or anything that my readers would come to when they were bored or wanted to know current events. I soon ran out of steam because I wasn’t enjoying journalism and the type of content I was putting out.

All I knew when I started was that I wanted to have a website that people would come to for information. What information? I had no idea at the time.

BoodleBuzz was my little piece of the internet and I knew it could turn into something great. As time went on my older brother said something to me that would change how I thought of this site entirely. He said, “Why don’t you just write about what you’re doing?” A light bulb went off. I was already giving my friends tips on how I make a living entirely online. So I asked myself, “Why am I not writing about my experience with working from home?” Friends wanted to know, other people were bound to seek some realistic, honest advice from someone who’s actually doing it.

That’s Where We Are Now

As I begin writing content for the site I will strive to make content that is honest, transparent, and informative for everyone looking to make money online. I have my own experiences to tell you that it’s possible. It’s not easy and it requires a lot of work but it’s possible. I will write from experience and share tips of things that I’ve actually tried. I will try to help you avoid the mistakes that I have.

A lot of other bloggers that work-from-home don’t give you their full story. They don’t give you a complete look into what they’re doing and how they build their business but I am. I will share information that I’ve learned in my own journey that I feel others will benefit from. I want to create an open space and conversation with all of you so we can share ideas, encourage each other, and rock the work-from-home life.

I’m excited to start this and I’m excited to continue my journey. It’s only just beginning and I’m glad you all can join me!

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