How Kids Can Make Money Online

Kids these days. They’re so smart. They can use computers better than most adults. It’s a wonder why all kids are not online making money while they’re still in middle school or high school. If I had been told about the power of making money online as a kid I would’ve had a good stream of income by now.

Many people tell kids that they can’t do much besides going door-to-door mowing people’s lawns. That’s a thing of the past. Nowadays kids can earn money without leaving their bedroom. The concept is simple but it does take hard work and consistency to make a lot of money using these methods.

Start a Blog

When you’re a kid it’s hard to get people to take you seriously. That’s the most challenging thing when starting a business as a kid. With the anonymity of the internet, luckily, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If you present yourself as a person who knows what they’re doing people will believe you and start to take you seriously. Plus having a website at a young age is great for the future. It takes some people years to start up a blog that actually makes money but if you start now you’ll be able to learn quickly and by the time you graduate high school you’ll be rolling in commissions.

What’s important here is starting a blog in a niche that will convert to sales. You don’t have to be an expert but I would suggest choosing a niche big enough to have an audience and something that you’re interested in. It can be hard to write about something you have zero interest in. Of course, if you’re going to start your own website you need to talk to your parents about helping you with a few start up costs. It’s relatively cheap to start a blog when all you really have to pay for is the domain and the hosting.

I use Bluehost(affiliate link) to host all of my websites and to buy my domains. They offer great 24/7 support and are really great at giving you tips to get started.

Make Youtube Videos

Youtube videos are a great way to make money if you’re a kid. There’s already tons of people doing it. Whether you just vlog or have produced videos you can make money through Google Adsense. It’s called monetization. When you monetize your videos you’re able to receive money based on how many people viewed and clicked the ads on the video. When you are just getting started it’s hard to see how profitable it can really be in the future. This is because you’re building your audience. Whether you want to make top 10 lists, vlogs, tips and trick for video games, product reviews…it’s really up to you.

Sell T-Shirts

This is how I initially started making money from home, granted I was 23 at the time but I have made some good money from it. It’s free to sign up to places like Redbubble, Teepublic, or Society 6. You’ll get a portion of each sale from your designs. If I were starting over I would tell you to upload as many designs as possible to each of these sites. You don’t even need to upload different designs. Find some design ideas on Pinterest or Google and you can get the creative juices flowing. Don’t copy designs but if you can find a t-shirt that is selling a lot and make an even better version, that’s where you’ll make your money.

I wrote more about this concept in my article about selling t-shirts online.

Start an Etsy Shop

This one takes a little bit more experience but I’m sure you can figure this out easily. If you’re a crafty kid you can make your own crafts and sell them with Etsy. There have been many successful Etsy shops that have become full-time incomes. You simply make your craft, take a picture, list your item, and once it sells you ship it to the address Etsy sends you. Etsy does take a portion of your profits so remember that when deciding the price of your product. This would be a good way to learn about marketing your own products.

Sell on Ebay

Similarly you can sell on Ebay. You have to have a Paypal account or bank account so having your parents’ permission is crucial. A lot of people have made money taking products from GoodWill and other thrift shops and repainting them or cleaning them up and reselling on Ebay. It’s really that simple. Also, Ebay is a lot safer than using things like Craigslist or Letgo because you don’t actually have to meet anyone in person. Safety first kids!

Create Websites

This one kind of goes with starting your own blog. If you are able to build websites this could be a fun side business to start while you’re still in school. Ask family members and school mates if they or anyone they know need a website and charge them for it. You can make money online as well by asking people on social media if they need a website. Just make sure you have a few examples of what you can do in your portfolio so that they know what kind of website they can expect.

Manage Social Media Accounts

Kids are on social media all the time these days. Why not turn that into a full blown business? You can start following people and companies that might need help managing their social media and ask if they would let you come in and make posts for them. Make sure before you do this that your own social media accounts look professional as this will basically be your portfolio. They’ll look at your profile before they decide if they want you to manage theirs.

As always act professional and be straightforward with whatever product or service you are offering. If you are lucky enough to get a strong following you might be able to make a ton of money before you graduate high school and you could potentially forego the typical part-time jobs that teenagers have throughout high school. Put all your effort into one thing and you could easily make money through all of these methods.

If you have any tips on making money as a kid comment below! It’d be cool to see stories from people who did make money online when they were in high school and see where they are at now!

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