Best Times to Post on Social Media to Maximize Your Reach

A lot of people fail to realize the impact of social media, or rather, they agree that it has an impact but they don’t have the skill or desire to keep up their own social media presence.

How many times have you looked for a business only to find that they have one account and it’s a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in three years? How many times has that caused you to never contact them?

Stay Consistent

By not updating regularly¬†you are losing a lot of business. So we’ve put together a simple infographic on the best times to post on social media to maximize your reach and keep more customers coming back.

social media infographic

These times are based on my own engagement on social media. We’ve found that these times are when we get at least one engagement on posts, someone comments, or we got shares. This is not a guarantee that all your posts will get engaged but from my experience it helps to post at these times.

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