The Best Places to Sell Your T-Shirt Designs Online

When I started selling t-shirts I was constantly wondering and researching which site was the best. I wanted a site with a lot of traffic, big commissions, and an easy way of uploading. When you’re choosing a site at first you want one that has it’s own organic traffic especially if you don’t have a lot of marketing experience. This will help you get sales without doing anything but uploading your designs.

With that in mind I’ve compiled a list of five sites that I’ve personally made money from and used. What’s great about these sites is that none of them cost a thing. You get your work out there and seen by a lot of people.


I mentioned in an earlier post about how I got started. Redbubble was the first site I joined to start selling my t-shirt designs. I chose this because they had a very simple uploader and they had tons of traffic. Redbubble on average gets 17 million page views per month. This is huge for these kind of design sites. It translates to a lot of eyes on your designs. When you sign up for Redbubble you’ll be able to design your shop. Don’t skip this step. Start making a brand for yourself now so you can easily transfer to your own site later. This is actually a good tip for all the sites.

Redbubble makes it easy to put your design on not only t-shirts but tons of other products as well.

Commission for this site is a percentage of the sale price. You can set your own margins. Typically designs that sell well are around 20 – 25%.


Teepublic is one of my go-to sites. They really cater to the geek/pop culture niche. You won’t find much success on this site creating generic t-shirt designs. They do have a lot of simplistic designs though. You don’t have to be the most experienced designer to join this site.

Teepublic is really starting to become my favorite of all the sites. They just rolled out a new feature which is a bulk uploader. This makes it super easy to upload all your files at once. When you’re designing for these sites it helps to have features that save you time so you can get all your t-shirt designs uploaded and ready to sell.

Commissions are set by Teepublic. They range from $4 – $8 dollars for shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks. You can check out their full pricing structure here.

Society 6

Society 6 took a little bit of getting used to before I started making sales on this site. Their uploader is not as user-friendly as Redbubble and Teepublic. But when using Society 6 you have to market a little bit more. They don’t get as much organic traffic as some of the other places. With practice you can surely make a lot sales. They tend to cater towards designs that don’t have any pop culture references. Think cutesy designs that belong in nurseries, children’s playrooms, or in a family room.

Commissions are around 20% of the sale price. What’s unique about Society 6 is that you can set your own prices for your designs.

Design By Humans

Design by Humans is a little bit different than the others. It is a lot more competitive in terms of getting an account. You have to apply and wait for them to activate your account. But once your account is approved you have access to their thousands of customers and you can quickly make sales. This site wants the best of the best so they like to have more artistic t-shirt designs. This does take a little bit of design ability. Create a few winning designs and upload them and you will be well on your way to being successful here.

Commission is set by them and for t-shirts you get about $3 per sale.


Zazzle is another site that targets a very specific audience. They don’t have much variety in terms of the kinds of designs that sell well. Take a look at their current designers to get an idea of what does well here. Once you tap into that market you’ll be successful.

Their uploader is definitely not the best but it works if your designs are typical for Zazzle’s audience.

Commission on Zazzle is based on percentages and you can set your own percentage.

All of these places have a big customer base so it’s easy to get sales fairly quickly. Of course it never hurts to market your designs on your own but it’s definitely not necessary. On my first month of Redbubble I was able to make $88 and now I’m averaging $2000 a month. It takes a lot of research but it’s doable.

The best way to be successful on these sites is to take a look at what already sells and design your shirts around that niche. Once you get the hang of it it’s easy to know what to upload on each site.

Have you tried any of these sites? What other sites have you had success selling t-shirt designs? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Jeremy

    I’ve had the best luck with Redbubble, Teepublic is pretty good too.

    1. Miranda Kirk Miranda Kirk

      I’ve had similar luck with Redbubble and Teepublic. I think they’re the best in terms of getting started quickly.

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