5 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Introverts

If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably had a hard time holding a 9-5. I have always struggled with having a way to do things every day.

It’s not due to lack of talent, skill, or any other excuse people use to try to invalidate your feelings. It’s because when you fill out the application you really mean that you “prefer working alone.”

Introverts often are misunderstood by others as anti-social, bad communicators, or rude. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They like to think more than speak and have a plan before they jump. They like to dot their i’s and cross their t’s. In the grand scheme of things introverts are some of the best employees that a business can have.

Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way. So to combat those stereotypes, I’ve compiled a list of five low-cost business ideas that any introvert can do. Ideas that will have you on your way to owning your own business and working for yourself in whatever environment you prefer. These ideas require little face-to-face contact.

Graphic Design

Many Graphic Designers get their start freelancing but most stop there. Think of freelancing as an opportunity to build a regular customer base. There are tons of free networks that will help you make connections and start gaining a customer base. Once you have that customer base launch your own site. Market your new site to your existing customers and if you’ve made a good impression they will make the leap with you and start going through your new business.

The key to using graphic design skills to make money online is to research. Research current trends in design or what customers are looking for in the market. Once you do that you’ll be able to learn the skills you need to stand out in a competitive field. If you have graphic design skills continue to refine those skills. If you’re just starting out watch YouTube videos, get a Lynda.com account, and start building your customer base by applying to freelance gigs. One of the best freelance sites to work for is Upwork.com. They have thousands of job postings and is free as long as you don’t go over your allotted proposals each month.

I’ve used Upwork and had some success. That’s how I got my start working from home and in my first month on the site I made about $200. The only problem I see with Upwork is that you’re at the liberty of your client. When you submit a proposal there’s really no expiration on them so it can take weeks to hear back and make money on a particular job.

Sell Shirts Online

A mostly missed opportunity, people don’t realize how much money there is in shirts. You can design them and sell them on sites like Design by Humans, Teepublic, and Redbubble. Most of these sites pay via PayPal and either monthly or weekly in some cases.

If you’re not an artist try becoming an affiliate for one of the sites. Then you can earn money by promoting other artists’ work. If you do it right you can make a lot of money right off the bat with very little start-up costs.

I sell shirts online and use Teepublic and Redbubble. I will be writing another post about this soon but t-shirts are booming.

Online Transcription

There are dozens of these sites that let you work from home, anytime you want. While some are better than others, you make money by listening to audio files and writing down what is said. If you have a computer and know how to type fast you could get started today! I’ve had personal experience with Rev.com and it’s honestly the easiest and most profitable transcription site around. Although they do have some pretty strict standards to keep their service top-notch.


If you like to write and you want to jump right in there is no better alternative to starting your own blog. It’s fun, doesn’t require a lot of money or skill to get started, and you can learn as you go. When you have your blog website running think about monetization. You can sell ad space, integrate Google Adsense, or become an affiliate publisher. If others can do it so can you.

Write Content for Other Websites

If creating your own site doesn’t appeal to you there are plenty of places that will pay you to write articles on their site. You can find these opportunities everywhere. Upwork, Indeed, and other job posting boards will have opportunities almost daily for sites looking to hire writers.

My first experience working from home was a remote internship writing about video games. It was great experience and helped me realize the potential of working for myself one day.

The ability to take your passion and turn it into profit takes work. In a relatively short amount of time your dream could become a reality.

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